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Asahi Intecc Demonstrates Outstanding Compression Resistance and Bi-Directionally Responsive Hollow Stainless Steel Tubes and Coils at MD&M East 2013

Asahi Intecc will present the ACTONE SWAGE, FLAT WIRE TORQUE COIL, and the ACTONE AUGER (AUGER SHAFT) at MD&M East ’13 to demonstrate improvements in vascular therapy delivery systems.

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Santa Ana, California- May 16, 2013- ...

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Santa Ana, California- May 16, 2013- Asahi Intecc will present the ACTONE SWAGE, FLAT WIRE TORQUE COIL, and the ACTONE AUGER (AUGER SHAFT) at MD&M East ’13 to demonstrate improvements in vascular therapy delivery systems.  The event will be held June 18-20, 2013 at the Philadelphia Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA and Asahi Intecc will be at booth #2564.

THREE LAYER FLAT WIRE TORQUE COIL:  Device designers can improve coronary, peripheral, endoscopic, neurovascular devices with superior axial stretch resistance and pushability properties.  Bi-Directional 1-1 Torque Response and Flexibility Offered.

Two or Three Layers may be offered with a customized number of filars per layer for maximum torque response in either direction.  Diameters range from 1mm3mm OD

ACTONE SWAGE:  Provides the largest working channel or lumen and thin wall in a single layer wire-wound stranded tube, with impressive bi-directional 1-1 torque response and excellent compression resistance.The strands of the hollow, wire-wound ACTONE are compressed together with a Rotary Swaging Process, augmenting the axial stiffness, allowing the surgeon to responsively rotate and torque thedistal end of a coronary, peripheral, endoscopic, neurovascular delivery system with ease.  Tight, tortuous bends may also be navigated whenencountered in vascular therapy procedures involving a transapical, transcarotid, or transatrial interventional approach. 

Diameters range from 0.5mm – 2.2mm OD

The recent trend in cardiovascular valve repair and replacement procedures demands precise delivery or removal of the implant.  The combined bi-directional rotational response and stretch resistance is also exhibited in our flexible Flat Wire Torque Coil, where the shaft navigates in less tight bends for optimal vascular therapy.  The Asahi Intecc Flat Wire Torque Coil may be offered in 2 or 3 layers, with a customized number of strands per layer, depending on the degree of flexibility, axial stretch, tortuousity, bi-directional hand rotated response.

The Asahi Intecc +  Auger (Augershaft) is an ACTONE Cable Tube with a helically wound monofilament wire from proximal to distal end.  The Augershaft may be used as a shaft to provide a corkscrew effect hand rotated push , a means to deliver material, or utilize its corrugated, fluted surface to treat hard surfaces in robotics and orthopaedic surgery.

Additional products include: custom manufactured endoscopic coilpipe , monofilament wire, motor rotated round wire torque coil and drivecables, as well as finished diagnostic and therapeutic guidewires and catheters which are sold globally.  Secondary operations include centerless grinding, wire flattening, coating (spray, dip, and extrude) and swaging,
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