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T: 800/523-1276
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3202 Caroline Dr., Health Science Park, Haw River, NC, 27258, United States
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Qualifications: ISO 13485, ISO 9001, FDA Registered, CGMP Certified, Supplier to Medical Manufacturers, Exhibitor in at least 2 MD&M and/or MEDTEC shows

Markets Supplied: North America, Europe, Worldwide


Andersen Products (ANPRO®) has been a leader in ...

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Andersen Products (ANPRO®) has been a leader in 100% ethylene oxide sterilization (EtO sterilization) for more than fifty years. We offer a complete line of EtO gas sterilizers, from tabletop sterilizers to fully validated industrial sterilizers. Andersen sterilizers are the most gas efficient on the market, using less than 18g of EtO per cycle. We also offer a complete range of product development, contract assembly, packaging and sterilization services at Health Science Park, the main facility in central North Carolina. Andersen Scientific offers small lot contract sterilization and validation services at a new facility in Morrisville, North Carolina.


100% Ethylene Oxide (EtO or EO) Sterilization Equipment

Andersen EOGas EtO sterilizers use a unique gas diffusion system that matches plastic sterilization bags with unit dose EtO cartridges. By eliminating chamber dead space the high efficiency EOGas system sterilizes with as little as 5 grams of EtO gas per cycle.

Standard EOGas sterilization bags are available in two sizes; 35 liter or 7 liter. Custom bags are available. EOGas cartridges range in size from 5 grams to 18grams.

EOGas sterilization cabinets vary in capacity from six to thirty three cubic feet, and are designed to process up to twenty individual sterilization bags at a time. The EOGas system meets new EPA requirements for sterilization and aeration in the same chamber.

The Andersen Sterijet® system injects EtO directly into final product packaging. This unique gas injection system allows you to package and sterilize in one step. The Sterijet system is designed for validated industrial use and allows for processing larger volumes of product than our other systems.



Contract Sterilization

Andersen offers a contract sterilization service that specializes in small lots and fast turnaround. We can process lots as small as a few pieces to 5,000 or more. For priority projects we offer 24-hour turnaround times. Turnkey sterilization validation packages are available. Validated on-site contract packaging and light manufacturing are also offered.


Regulatory Assistance

ANPRO offers regulatory assistance along with the sterilization equipment for beginning product development to finished goods that are ready for shipping.



The Andersen Companies are located at Health Science Park in central North Carolina. Our facilities are EPA and FDA registered, and OSHA-compliant. We have received ISO 13485 quality systems certification for the manufacture of our sterilizers, and for the manufacture and sterilization of our medical products such as nasogastric tubes and wound drains.

Andersen Products, Inc.
Health Science Park
3202 Caroline Drive
Haw River, NC 27258  USA
Tel:  800 -523-1276
Tel:  336- 376-3000
Fax:  336 -376-8153
Ann Holt  X 311
Customer Service Manager

H.W. Andersen Products of California, Inc.
3151 Caroline Drive
Health Science Park
Haw River, NC 27258  USA
Tel:  800 -524-3455
Fax:  336 -376-3088
Kathy Jorgensen x 223
General Manager

Andersen Scientific, Inc.
200 Trans Air Drive  # 100
Morrisville, NC  27560  USA
Tel:  919-388-5844
Fax:  919-388-5827
Daryl Woodman, General Manager

Latin America
Andrés Gacharná
Tel:  904-662-6256

International Sales
Judy Morales
Health Science Park
3202 Caroline Drive
Haw River, NC 27258  USA
Tel:  800 -523-1276
Tel:  336- 376-3771
Fax:  336 -376-8153


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Andersen Products Inc.
T: 800/523-1276
F: 336/376-8153

3202 Caroline Dr., Health Science Park, Haw River, NC, 27258, United States
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